After some beautiful and busy days....

After some beautiful and busy days....

...months and years(!) without writing a single word on my old blog (, I've decided to get back to it! Word by word, we'll see how this goes!

As much as I love writing, I'm also an expert of making up excuses like the typical "I am too busy", "don't have time" while of course it's just a question of prioritizing. Lately I'm often getting asked how it is living this tech-entrepreneur-sailboatliving-busy-traveling life between Norway and Australia.

Consider this a diary / handbook of tips and personal experiences as a young tech entrepreneur, sailor and traveler. 


Co-founded and running global business strategy, brand and professional relations for Blueye Robotics, a company that has developed the Blueye Pioneer underwater drone that allow you to explore 150 meters below the ocean’s surface.

With a mission to empower ocean exploration and increase awareness about the health of marine environment and wildlife. 

Has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as 30 under 30 most important Tech Founders in 2018, Norway’s 50 most important female tech founders 2017 and 2018, Top 10 Norwegian Female Tech-Entrepreneurs 2018 and received The 2018 Womenomics Technology Award 2018.