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Christine Spiten
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Stories and updates from my own expeditions + intriguing exploration news, all with focus on the ocean environment.

Presenting on Conference on Marine Plastic Pollution, at COP21 in Paris


Excited to represent BluEye and talk about empowerment of citizen scientists and my experience from eXXpedition Equator Voyage! On friday, December 4th, I will participate on the solar driven vessel; Solaris. 

The conference is held by Race for Water Foundation and Bellona Foundation. 


Chile Leads Global Movement to Protect the Ocean
Emily Penn - the young and beautiful in the middle.

Emily Penn - the young and beautiful in the middle.

The 5th and 6th October, the conference; Our Oceans 2015 was held in Valparaiso and over 400 leaders from all around the world gathered to find solutions on how to protect the ocean we all depend on.

The Chilean government will now create marine protected areas around Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, to preserve the livelihood of the native Polynesian people, whom are highly depended on fishing. This will be the third largest fully protected ocean area in the world!

AND - expedition girls, Emily Penn and Jenna Jambeck gave John Kerry and the rest inspiring speeches about the importance of ocean conservation.

BluEye - an underwater adventure
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The past few weeks our company, BluEye Robotics, has got a lot of attention. Read about us here, here, here and here:)

Now it's up to us to prove us worthy. The first real test of our first prototype, PX, will be when I bring it on the eXXpedition across the Atlantic sea.

Why are thousands of robots roaming the oceans?

Well, robots provide us with with an unique opportunity to explore places we cannot reach ourselves. This enable us to collect scientific data and to fill gaps of knowledge. Read more here!